Track Visitors With Melbourne Alive™ Business​

Melbourne Alive™ Business is a free mobile app that allows your visitors to easily check in by scanning your Melbourne Alive™ QR code.

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Access Melbourne Alive on the Apple App Store  

Access Melbourne Alive on the Apple App Store

Melbourne Alive Business
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How It Works

How to set up

Start using Melbourne Alive™ Business today.
Easily record your visitors safely and paper free. 

Register your business

Add your business details and receive a unique Melbourne Alive™ Business QR code 

Print QR code for visitor scan

Print Melbourne Alive™ Business QR code poster for your visitors to scan and check in

Easily record all your visitors

Easily access names and mobile numbers of visitors when and if needed

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i sign up?

Simply download Melbourne Alive™ Business either from the App store (for iOS mobile phone users) or the Play store (for Android users).  Once the app is downloaded on your phone, you will be asked to provide some basic business details e.g. business name, address and contact number.  Once completed, that’s it.  You’re signed up!

How do my visitors check in? Do they need to check out?

Guests can self check-in by scanning your QR code – either on your app or by scanning a printed copy of your QR code.

Can I still use Melbourne Alive™ if my visitor doesn’t have the app?

Yes, if you visitors do not have the Melbourne Alive™ app, you can check them in by manually recording their details in the app.

What Business Can use the App?

Any open business can use Melbourne Alive™ Business. 

Is This Really Free?

Yes, both Melbourne Alive™ Business and Melbourne Alive™ for visitors is free to download and use.

What Information Do I need to collect?

To sign up you need to provide your business name, address, contact number and email.  The information collected from your visitors includes their name, contact number and any additional notes they wish to share with your organisation.

How Secure is the App?

Melbourne Alive™ Business is built using the OutSystems Platform and is protected by default from the top security threats identified by OWASP.  The OutSystems Platform is certified to be compliant with the ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 standards, two key international standards governing information security management and business continuity management. Adherence to these standards assures that your data and services are protected to the fullest extent possible.  OutSystems is certified to be compliant with the ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 standards, defining security requirements for today’s fastest-growing industry – cloud computing.

What data is stored, who has access and where is it stored?

The name, address, contact number and email of the business is stored when they create a profile.

Melbourne Alive™ Business is built using the OutSystems Platform which is hosted within Amazon Web Services (AWS) secure and certified data centers. Amazon Web Services data centers have multiple layers of operational and physical security to ensure the integrity and safety of data. The data center is manned and supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

AWS system security includes:

  • Intrusion detection devices
  • Distributed Denial-of-Services mitigation services
  • Recurring risk assessments to ensure compliance with industry standards.

How long do we hold our visitor’s data for?

The system doesn’t archive a visitor’s data currently but functionality to be released soon will enable a person to delete their contact information from the application. Contact history that has been stored as a result of checking in with a business or another Melbourne Alive™ user is retained in the system.

I have a large organisation. Does this mean each of my employees need to register with the app so they can use it?

Melbourne Alive™ Business is only needed for each premise you would like to track visitors for, so you register as many times as you need based on the number of locations you have. When you register a location, you will be asked to create a username and password for your organisation. All your employees can use this same login when they download the app for using Melbourne Alive™ Business.

Melbourne Alive™ is used by visitors or employees to record that they have visited that location. All employees will need to download the Melbourne Alive™ app and register their name and contact number so they can scan themselves in at the locations you’ve registered if required.

Can I check who has visited my business?

Yes, the app enables you to view the list of guests who have visited you on a specific date/time.

Our business has forgotten our password. What do I do?

Simply click on the ‘Forgot Password’ function and follow the instructions to reset your password.

Download Today

   Download Melbourne Alive from the Google Play Store


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